Our Platform


In addition to the CoreStream® Platform components (which can be implemented as stand-alone modules or as part of a suite), we also offer bespoke software development services.

The CoreStream offering is a platform as opposed to a product, and as such can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.

The BBC have had a long standing relationship with CoreStream, and the level of service they provide is exemplary. We quickly learned that CoreStream could adapt to our requests and provide a quality product on time and within budget. I highly recommend CoreStream as a trusted provider for all technology projects.

Simon Rose, Operations Manager, Interactive Compliance, BBC

The BBC and its Partners have awarded contracts to CoreStream through competitive procurement processes. I have recommended CoreStream repeatedly as the company provides reliable, robust, intuitive software which has met the BBC information security, data and risk controls. It’s not just the software I am buying but access to a team that understands both technical requirements and the client culture, and combines this with a bespoke, attentive, professional service at a competitive market rate. As a client I feel that our needs are understood, met, reviewed and supported in a timely manner. I have worked with CoreStream on a number of small, medium and scalable projects and from concept to delivery it has been a good experience. In my role at the BBC, audience trust is imperative and the systems we use to deliver and comply audience engagement is of paramount importance. CoreStream has been central to us securing and retaining audience trust and the business partnership we share is first class.

Claire McLaughlin, BBC Head of Interactive Technology, BBC

It is our view that technology should support your processes and frameworks rather than restrict them or dictate what they should be.  Our platform is incredibly flexible and can be configured or built upon to provide you with the benefits of a bespoke solution and at a fraction of the cost.

Some of our clients choose to implement our modules with only minor configuration changes, whilst others wish to tailor the platform to the needs of their organisation. On the other end of the scale, some clients need us to build them a platform to address a specific problem / requirement and go for Regardless of the path you choose to take, the CoreStream team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the entire end-to-end process (from requirements gathering to implementation) is seamless. Read what our clients say about us.