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What is Digital Governance Software?

With the proliferation of social media, websites, and systems online, an organisation’s digital profile has become increasingly complicated. Employees can set up new internet points of presence within minutes, each potentially leading to the risk of brand mis-use, content leakage, or security breaches if appropriate governance is not applied.   

CoreStream Digital Governance software allows businesses to bring all of their digital assets under central governance, including:   

  • Websites  
  • Mobile Applications  
  • Social Media Sites  
  • Cloud Based applications.  

Digital assets management starts with the creation of an asset inventory. CoreStream Digital Governance Portal (DGP) allows users to register an asset, which is then passed through a workflow process to ensure the appropriate approvals are given. This process can be configured to match governance requirements but will often include input from a marketing and security perspective – as both areas have a vested interest in managing the assets authorised for publishing.  

In the case of an asset requiring development, the workflow will also allow for testing, proof of concept phases, and final sign offs, before the asset is cleared for release.  

As part of the wider CoreStream GRC suite, integration with our information asset management module (insert link to page)allows you to take control of information governance and data privacy requirements (including aspects of GDPR) all from one location.  

CoreStream DGP will also provide ongoing monitoring of your assets, scheduling regular reviews by their owners. This ensures assets do not become stale – for example when they reach end of life.  

Your security stature is a key concern, and DGP takes care of this by scanning your business’ internet-facing assets, looking for items such as:   

  • Poor / nonexistent encryption settings  
  • Expired certificates or flagging those approaching expiry.  
  • Pages with external links  
  • Missing privacy notices  
  • Sites containing personal email addresses  

The value of having an asset inventory goes beyond having control over individual assets. With a combination of automated and manual data capture, you have the power to analyse your asset portfolio like never before.  

This creates potential cost savings as the Asset Inventory becomes a searchable repository for internal customers looking to establish new assets, preventing duplication and saving staff time.

What are the benefits of Digital Governance Software?

An organisation’s digital assets are effectively its shop window. Consquently, brand consistency is key to maintaining a professional appearance, as is control over content. Security breaches can lead to digital assets being hijacked, perhaps leading to inappropriate content appearing which might damage your brand or reputation.  

Maintaining good governance control over your internet presence is of key importance, but the central asset portfolio should also be seen as a strategic asset in itself, reducing duplication of assets, informing where assets can be reused, or lowering costs by removing end of life assets. 

What are the risks of not having Digital Governance Software?

Brand consistency is key to maintaining a professional appearance. Without control over your social media pages, applications, websites, blogs and other elements of your electronic presence, there is a risk of employees losing a sense of accountability when publishing content online. This can lead to poor quality content being associated with your name, or worse, malicious or harmful content appearing that could expose the organisation to legal risks.  

With cyber-attacks such as ransomware now commonplace, an organisation’s online security status has never been more significant. The first step in managing security is keeping a detailed inventory. Unknown assets cannot be brought under security governance and with the inter-connected nature of modern systems, one minor breach can be a door to much more serious consequences.  

Why CoreStream?

The CoreStream platform offers a range of software tools which help to protect your business and its operations while also supporting your team and assisting your operational objectives. These include:  

  • A cloud-based solution with no mandatory support packages and unlimited users.  
  • User friendly technology which supports adoption and encourages collaboration.  
  • Embedded user guidance which minimises training time.  
  • Enhanced collation and presentation of risk and compliance data.  
  • An extremely flexible architecture capable of accommodating your existing processes and frameworks.  
  • Rapid implementation of incident management processes delivering business benefits and ROI in as little as two weeks.