Information Asset Management

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What is Information Asset Management software?

With information assets playing a critical role in the activities of most organisations, it is vital – particularly with today’s increased threats to cybersecurity – that data is monitored closely to ensure it is safely stored, up-to-date and protected from attack or misuse. 

An Information Asset Register (IAR) is typically used to catalogue all an organisation’s key information and to outline what security measures are used to protect it, how it is stored and used and who is able to access it. 

These information assets can take many forms ranging from websites and databases, downloads, spreadsheets, emails, paper records and other data. 

With the introduction of more stringent regulations on information assets such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there is increasing scrutiny on the amount of data organisations retain, how it is stored and, crucially, how it is used. 

The danger that any details held by an organisation, particularly sensitive personal data, could be compromised or subject to data breach means that efficient information governance and compliance is a top priority for Information Asset Administrators and Information Asset Owners. 

CoreStream’s Information Asset Register software is designed to protect data by providing organisations with an online Information Asset Register which manages the end to end asset life cycle. 

It enables Information Asset Owners to identify, understand and manage their information assets and flows, as well as any associated risks, breaches and actions. 


What are the benefits of Information Asset Management software?

CoreStream Information Asset Management helps ease the administrative burden of information governance. 

It aids the identification, documentation and management of your company’s information assets and related content, and enables the seamless monitoring and execution of actions to deliver the real-time management information that you require. 

With accountability and transparency being key priorities for both internal and external stakeholders, our solution supports your aim of encouraging clear ownership for addressing risks to your information assets and provides real, independent insight into the safety of your data. 

CoreStream Information Asset Management brings peace of mind to your data protection procedures by: 

  • Delivering time and efficiency savings through centralised management and information asset reporting 
  • Supporting alignment with GDPR legislation 
  • Ensuring compliance with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regulations 
  • Reducing ongoing costs from bringing manual processes online 

What are the risks of not having Information Asset Management software?

The ways in which sensitive personal data or confidential business information is stored, processed and used has never been of greater concern to individuals or subjected to more rigorous scrutiny by stakeholders such as regulators and the media. 

The ever-increasing risks related to cybersecurity in our ultra-connected world mean that for the Information Asset Administrator or Information Asset Owner, there are major challenges around data protection and a growing need for robust security measures to prevent data breach. 

For both the public and private sectors, safeguarding sensitive information has, by necessity, become a top priority, with failure to do so having potentially severe consequences for business continuity and operational efficiency, as some of the world’s leading organisations have discovered to their cost. 

Cyber threats such as malware, ransomware and phishing attacks are among the common external threats to data security whilst the ability of former employees, contractors or suppliers to access data held by the organisation is another concern. 

Why CoreStream?

  • Online Information Asset Register efficiently manages assets. 
  • Creates and links information flows, risks, breaches and actions to information assets. 
  • Process mapping. 
  • Data flow mapping. 
  • Workflow to manage the approval and review of assets. 
  • Automated asset and information flow risk level based on asset and flow characteristics. 
  • GDPR Role Declarations, Data Protection Impact Assessments, Subject Access Requests and Freedom of Information Requests. 
  • Third party supplier risk management and due diligence. 
  • Real time reporting dashboards 
  • Fully customisable, interactive training to help support your information governance through consistent education.  
  • Integration with an industry leading data discovery and redaction tool.