Accident Management Software

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What is Accident Management software?

Modern Health and Safety software can help organisations create a Health and Safety culture which will prevent, predict, and reduce employee or customer injuries and claims

Through centralising reporting of accidents, the safety status of your organisation can generate real operational, efficiency and financial benefits. 

Key to the success of an Accident reporting solution is ease of use and accessibility. Users should be able to access their content quickly and efficiently on all devices, ensuring data is captured accurately. As with all GRC systems, higher quality data capture directly leads to improved outcomes.   

Our innovative design ensures your Health and Safety system will support you in identifying trends which have the potential to damage your organisation and highlighting avoidable hazards which could lead to serious incidents.  

Accident management software as part of a wider GRC platform allows you to go beyond tracking cases by linking to remediation plans, risk registers, and your e-learning programme. 

What are the benefits of Accident Management software?

The benefit of a good accident management system lies in its ability to accurately capture information and process it to completion, with the minimum of effort.  

By reducing manual processing, reporting, or querying significant cost, savings can be achieved, even before the benefits of accuracy and traceability are considered. 

Accident management systems can automate the process of correlating causes, ensuring that actions are put in place to prevent accidents recurring. Analytics should provide proof that your improvement actions are having a positive impact over time.  

What are the Risks of not having Accident Management software?

A typical scenario might involve an accident report submitted by email which requires multiple replies before sufficient details have been collected. Details can become lost in inboxes and spreadsheet logs and individuals’ recollections may not always be reliable. Without a centralised, auditable capture mechanism, timelines of events may become less clear.  

Whilst adding significant administrative overhead to your operations, such potential for inaccuracies leaves your firm open to litigation which may be difficult to defend. 

All businesses should take accident reporting seriously, for the wellbeing of their staff, customers and other key stakeholders. Without mechanisms to collect and analyse accident data it is very difficult to guarantee a path of continuous improvement 

Why CoreStream?

The CoreStream platform provides a highly configurable environment to capture accident details and process them through to closure, with ongoing trend analysis and remedial action tracking 

Key features include:  

  • Adaptive workflow for automated routing of accidents.
  • Fully configurable, smart-forms for accident capture.
  • Ability to link accidents to remedial action plans with automated action follow-ups and reporting.
  • Linkages to a cause library, allowing reporting of common causes of accidents in your organisation.
  • Email notifications, including daily / weekly summaries of activities. 
  • Permanent and temporary delegation features.
  • Fully permissions controlled, and accessible by both internal and external users (e.g. suppliers).
  • Personalised interactive dashboards providing insights on case load, status breakdown, ‘stuck cases’, linked actions and more.   

As with all CoreStream solutions, our accident  management module is highly configurable to ensure it can support your processes as they evolve. As part of our wider GRC platform, integration with other CoreStream modules such as risk management, or action tracking is assured.