Complaints Management Software

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What is Complaints Management software?

The purpose of effective complaints management is to create a framework which allows an organisation to ensure any complaints against it are tracked, monitored and responded to effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner. 

As part of the organisation’s wider risk management strategy, its complaints tracking software and complaints management process will: 

  • Help identify the threat a complaint might pose to normal service operation.
  • Support the coordination of the required response.
  • Ensure the impact on business operations is minimised.

CoreStream’s complaints management software is a solution for centralising the recording, resolution and reporting of complaints across your organisation or within specific divisions or departments. 

Our platform provides the complaints management tools your organisation needs to identify issues which may impact on normal operations and help coordinate your response to complaints by: 

  • Raising awareness of complaints.
  • Delivering real-time reporting.
  • Assessing information on the nature and severity of the complaint.
  • Tracking progress of complaints to resolution.
  • Creating/monitoring actions on response to complaints.
  • Assigning responsibility for complaints to relevant personnel.
  • Providing comment on complaints management reports.

What are the benefits of Complaints Management Software?

A key challenge for any organisation in managing complaints which might impact on its business operations is ensuring there is a coordinated response from all relevant personnel. 

That’s particularly true in today’s business environment in which complaints, depending on their severity, have the potential to escalate rapidly, spread quickly to external audiences via social media and damage your organisation’s reputation or threaten normal business operations. 

Managing complaints effectively and mitigating potential impact on the organisation requires cross-team coordination amongst individuals and departments supported by the best complaints management tools. 

Our complaints management system efficiently monitors complaints by prioritising the user’s needs, adapting seamlessly to our clients’ processes and frameworks.  

CoreStream’s complaints management software is designed to track and manage complaints, protect your business and quickly restore normal service operation by: 

  • Supporting all complaint types.
  • Reducing the time taken to respond to complaints.
  • Adapting seamlessly to customer requirements.
  • Delivering insight into complaints response and trends.
  • Providing full control over data privacy.

By delivering the best complaints management software we can deliver a customised complaints management service with the speed and accuracy to satisfy your risk management needs. 

What are the risks of not having Complaints Management software?

Failure to implement a robust plan for complaints management and response could have serious consequences for the organisation, exposing it to unnecessary risk and disruption.

  • Complaints which could have been prevented by being identified earlier may be allowed to escalate.
  • The increasing burden of regulatory requirements could leave the organisation open to compliance breaches.
  • Your organisation may fail to implement a coordinated complaints response if different departments or divisions within the organisation such as finance, HR, marketing or customer support are unaware of a complaint.
  • Failing to implement effective monitoring systems, track complaints and keep accurate, up-to-date documentation on critical assets and data could leave the organisation open to external attack or in danger of regulatory breaches.

Deploying the best complaints management software allows your IT and other support teams to focus fully on their core activities, streamlining the process for tracking and reporting of complaints. 

Why CoreStream?

The CoreStream platform offers a range of software tools which help to protect your business and its operations while also supporting your team and assisting your operational objectives. These include: 

  • A cloud-based solution with no mandatory support packages.
  • User friendly technology which supports adoption and encourages collaboration.
  • Embedded user guidance which minimises training time.
  • Enhanced collation and presentation of risk and compliance data.
  • An extremely flexible architecture capable of accommodating your existing processes and frameworks. 
  • Rapid implementation of complaints management processes delivering business benefits and ROI in as little as two weeks.