Our Platform

Workflow Manager

CoreStream® Workflow Manager is a flexible workflow solution, providing the ability to create workflow perfectly aligned to the business processes to be brought on-line. Its aim is to reduce human error and focus stakeholders on the requirements of their specific roles, whilst ensuring that governance processes requiring explicit approvals are correctly followed and evidenced.

The scope of processes supported by the system is unlimited. Some examples include:

  • Business case approval.
  • New joiners process.
  • Leavers process.
  • Expenses process.
  • Information security approval.
  • Invoice approval.
  • Holiday requests.
  • Whistleblower process.


Unlike many other workflow tools, with simple additional training customers can configure their own workflow processes directly through the interface and without resorting to coding. Depending on the complexity and the volume of questions, our workflow forms can even be configured in less than an hour!