Our Clients

  • The BBC have had a long standing relationship with CoreStream, and the level of service they provide is exemplary. We quickly learned that CoreStream could adapt to our requests and provide a quality product on time and within budget. I highly recommend CoreStream as a trusted provider for all technology projects.

    Simon Rose, Operations Manager, Interactive Compliance, BBC

  • The BBC and its Partners have awarded contracts to CoreStream through competitive procurement processes. I have recommended CoreStream repeatedly as the company provides reliable, robust, intuitive software which has met the BBC information security, data and risk controls. It’s not just the software I am buying but access to a team that understands both technical requirements and the client culture, and combines this with a bespoke, attentive, professional service at a competitive market rate. As a client I feel that our needs are understood, met, reviewed and supported in a timely manner. I have worked with CoreStream on a number of small, medium and scalable projects and from concept to delivery it has been a good experience. In my role at the BBC, audience trust is imperative and the systems we use to deliver and comply audience engagement is of paramount importance. CoreStream has been central to us securing and retaining audience trust and the business partnership we share is first class.

    Claire McLaughlin, BBC Head of Interactive Technology, BBC

  • The support we have received from day one has been second-to-none. I have no regrets with choosing CoreStream for our GRC; the platform has enabled a higher level of stakeholder buy-in due to its ease of use and reporting functionality.

    Rob Kinson, IT Risk and Assurance Manager, First Utility

  • The CoreStream system provides us with an amazing single source of the truth, not only for what needs doing but also for what’s been done: it evidences it, which was always a problem in the past. By recording everything in one place, we can see all obligations, manipulate them and report on them. My mantra is: if in doubt, get it into CoreStream. You can never have too much information.

    Joe Graham, Business Assurance Director, Great Western Railway

  • The CoreStream Platform has enabled our business to transition from a manually-intensive risk methodology to a fit for purpose risk management system. The support we have received from day one has been second-to-none. I have no regrets with choosing CoreStream for our GRC; the platform has enabled a higher level of stakeholder buy-in due to its ease of use and reporting functionality.

    Rob Kinson, IT Risk and Assurance Manager, First Utility

  • There are plenty of expensive and complex risk software offerings out there but we wanted a product that was simple to use and intuitive. We quickly appreciated that the CoreStream product was for us and, importantly, one with the potential and flexibility for our users to grow with. Added to this has been CoreStream’s service that, from enquiry to implementation, has been faultless.

    Ian Ross, Group Head of Audit and Assurance, Morgan Sindall

  • The software is user friendly and the ease of use for Administrators also takes the stress out of manoeuvring through a spreadsheet. This software is definitely an asset to all Information Assets Administrators.

    Charmaine Cleaver, Information Governance Lead, NHS England

  • The CoreStream system is intuitive and user friendly with impressive functionality. It is visually very clear and there is logical progression through the system. The initial training was straightforward and provided absolutely the right level of detail. Queries have always been answered promptly and resolved quickly, at both a strategic and technical level.

    Barbara Lund, Contract Manager (South), Health Education England

Our Platform

At CoreStream we truly understand the frustration of implementing risk and compliance technologies within businesses, what leads to a successful implementation and adoption and why sometimes things just don't quite fit. We know this because as a team of ex-big 4 consultants we have decades of combined experience in procuring, developing and rolling out technologies in the fields of risk and compliance. From our experiences we have formed the belief that technology should be c..

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Risk Manager

  • Online Risk Register.
  • Centralised risk management.
  • Workflow to manage the approval and review of risks.
  • Risk mapping.
  • Real-time reporting.

Audit Action Manager

  • Log audit reports and audit findings.
  • Create audit actions linked to findings, and assign to owners for resolution.
  • Multi-stage approval processes for action closure.

Policy Manager

  • Robust policy management.
  • Full control over data privacy.
  • Detailed audit trails.

Regulation Manager

  • Document regulatory requirements.
  • Map regulation to policies, processes, risks and controls.
  • Real-time reporting of regulatory compliance.

Information Asset Manager

  • Data Flow Mapping.
  • GDPR Role Declarations.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments.
  • Subject Access Requests.
  • Breach Management.

Incident Manager

  • Centralised recording, resolution and reporting of incidents.
  • Highly configurable and applicable to all types of incidents.
  • End-to-end incident management.

Our Services

At CoreStream we recognise that technology is only part of the ‘solution’, and that the service and content elements are critical in helping our clients realise the desired benefits. From requirements gathering, through implementation, to roll out and on going support, the quality of the service and expertise wrapped around the solution is what makes any solution a success or not. As a team of ex-big 4 consultants we spent decades, collectively, managing and delivering on the end to end...

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Risk Consultancy

  • Credit focused.
  • Probability of Default rating & credit application workflow systems.
  • Risk Reporting Solutions and Risk Architecture Strategy.


  • End-user training.
  • Tutorial development.
  • Super User training.

Project Management

  • Hands on project management.
  • Day to day involvement from senior professionals.


  • Functional testing.
  • Non functional testing.
  • User Acceptance Testing, interface testing, performance and more…