Our Services


We provide the following types of training:

End User Training

End user training is a critical factor in ensuring you realise the benefits of your investment. Our end user training is focused on showing users how business processes and procedures should be managed via the system, emphasising the benefits of streamlined processes and the resulting time savings. We also offer supplementary training documentation to further drive user adoption and reduce the need for costly support contracts.


Online tutorials can be developed that show and remind your end users of the best practice steps in their processes. They are then available to be run on a regular basis for new users or as a refresher for existing users.

Super user training

The aim of our super user training is to make you self-sufficient as quickly as possible, thus reducing the time and investment you need to make for additional training services. We also believe that having more knowledge within the organisation leads to a more effective business function.

Administering a system can be a complex and responsible task. An understanding of the system setup is required in order to support users in their day-to-day tasks. Our super user training courses are designed to provide understanding of how your system works from a functional perspective.