New Partnership!

05 Dec

The Felix Project and CoreStream:

The Felix Project, a charitable organisation, collects and delivers unsold fresh and nutritious food to over 200 charities and schools. Producing nearly 3 million meals per year to those experiencing hunger, they have a valuable and positive impact on society.

We at CoreStream wanted to contribute to this worthy cause, so when we were approached by The Felix Project for help with risk management, we were only too glad to help.

Their key requirements were to:

  • Spend less time managing potential risks;
  • Improve risk visibility at all levels, up to and including the board; and
  • Manage their risk mitigation actions in a central location.

Our bespoke Risk Manager helped solve these problems, and now The Felix Project can spend less time and effort managing potential risks and focus on helping the community.

We wish The Felix Project every success. For more information on their fantastic work, please visit:

If you would like to hear how we can benefit your organisation, please contact; or for more information on our platforms visit: