Information Asset Manager: GDPR features

16 Apr

Many of our customers have been enquiring about whether CoreStream will be releasing new features of Information Asset Manager (IAM), to incorporate some of the key elements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

CoreStream has reviewed the regulation and spoken to our clients, and are pleased to announce the release of new IAM features in late April 2018.

Key features of the new offering include:

  • Ability to capture the data fields and data classifications contained within your Information Assets, allowing for more granular risk oversight.
  • The addition of new GDPR applicable questions into the Information Asset form.
  • The ability to create and link information flows at the asset, data field (e.g. DOB, Salary, email addresses) and data classification (e.g. personal data, sensitive personal data) level.
  • 2 new chart types allowing for the end to end visualisation of Information Flows, at both the Information Asset and Data Field level.
  • The ability to capture roles, responsibilities and declarations for your Organisation’s Controller, Processor(s) and Data Protection Officer(s).
  • The ability to complete Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s) within the system.
  • Functionality to record and manage information breaches within the system, including prompts to report information breaches to the ICO.
  • Additional administration feature to allow for consistent Data Classification.

Please get in touch if the above is of interest to you (, as we would welcome the opportunity to showcase the new features when they are released.