CoreStream – proud sponsors of the Lifting Limits charity

01 Mar

CoreStream is proud to announce a new sponsorship of the Lifting Limits charity, a charity with a mission to challenge gender stereotyping and promote gender equality.

Gender stereotyping limits lives, bombarding children from birth with messages about suitable toys, clothes, roles, books, language and appearance according to gender, feeding attitudes towards gender which become ingrained by the age of 10.  Even in schools, stereotypes persist (often unnoticed) in the curriculum, books, displays, language and assumptions.  At a critical stage in children’s learning about the world, and evolving expectations of their place in it, stereotypes shape children’s choices and aspirations – with lifelong effects. 

In order to improve gender unequal outcomes across a range of areas (from prolific sexual violence and the gender pay gap to boys’ relative under-achievement in literacy and high rates of male suicide), early intervention is crucial.  That is why Lifting Limits works with primary schools, using an extensive programme of training and resources to support school staff in recognising where gender stereotypes exist in the school environment and to equip their pupils to challenge stereotyping wherever they encounter it. 

The charity’s vision is that every child be free to pursue their own path in life, unconstrained by the limiting effects of gendered stereotyping. To find out more about their work visit or email

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