CoreStream 2.5 Release Notes

19 Dec

Our 2.5 release is a combination of showcase features, and some smaller changes that will help us continue our work on ensuring CoreStream is the most intuitive GRC Platform available. We have also ensured that non-functionals continue to receive the attention they deserve.

In terms of showcase features, CoreStream can now automatically generate a risk bowtie, showing the causes and consequences for a given risk, along with the preventative and recovery controls and mitigation that are being performed. We have received positive feedback on this from clients already, many of whom are keen to utilise this in risk workshops with the aim of making them more interactive.

The 2.5 release of CoreStream also introduces our support for the submission of items by users who are not authenticated. This helps us broaden our offering in the whistleblowing / speak-up areas as well as opening up opportunities for members of the public to submit items directly into CoreStream. This is a welcome addition for clients utilising CoreStream for subject access requests (SARs) and freedom of information (FOI) requests, removing the need for users to key cases into CoreStream when they are received through other means.

Continuing our focus on acting upon client feedback, we are also providing the ability for users to interrogate version history at the field level. The data to do this has always been available, and we are now changing the way we surface the information, in line with the way users interact with the Platform. The ‘view versions’ feature in CoreStream will still be available, with the field level option being supplementary.

As we close 2.5, we are already excited about 2.6. CoreStream has utilised Artificial Intelligence (AI) for some time but we are about to take this to the next level…