CoreStream 2.3 Release Notes

04 Aug

The Platform continues to go from strength to strength and we are excited about the features we have coming in 2023. Release 2.3 was more about ensuring we deliver on one of our main strategic objectives – delivering a stable, performant platform that can be rapidly configured.

In 2.3 we have released a new version of our site builder; extending support for other component types, extending the intelligent defaults and automating yet more configuration that was previously a manual exercise. We have supplemented the site builder with other tools (including an early prototype for self-documenting sites) to continue to ensure we can do more with less for our clients. We are configuring increasingly sophisticated and larger scale sites in a decreasing amount of time!

The team has also made giant strides in our goal to be leader in integrations. Our generic integration capability means that we can now configure (without a single line of code) integrations with various data sources. The rapidly expanding number of third party risk sites we provide, pulling in data from various third party systems (Dow Jones, Dunn & Bradstreet, Exiger to name just the tip of the iceberg) is one of the main drives for our focus on this area, though integration requests are increasingly common across other modules too.

Quality continues to be at the heart of what we do. This release has seen a focus on eradicating any technical debt, further improving performance and continuing to extend our tool to enable the automated testing of configuration.

More to come shortly (2.4 is out in September) but until then, please do reach out to your CoreStream Business Owner if you would like to discuss any of the features listed, or submit more ideas for our roadmap. Clients and Partners continue to have a big say in the work we prioritise!