CoreStream 2.2 Release Notes

28 Apr

2.2 is exciting for a number of reasons. We have made a real step change on our journey to put more choices into the hands of our end users. Once enabled, grid level PDF and Excel exports are now available as personalisation choices for end users. This helps improve flexibility and reduces the time clients need to spend requesting additions to exports and grid column settings. As an added bonus, we’ve also improved the time taken to generate exports.

Our continued focus on driving useful insight has seen us add the Waterfall/Bridge chart to the suite of chart types available to client admin users. We have also made changes to our world map chart collection so that they can be integrated into the dashboards and sit alongside other chart types.

Internally, we continue to be excited by the development of our ‘site builder’. This continues to go from strength to strength and is separating us further from our competitors in terms of the time taken to configure (and ultimately, deliver) new configuration. More on this in 2.3!

As ever, please reach out to your CoreStream Business Owner if you would like to discuss any of the features in this release.

Thanks, Rich