CoreStream 2.1 Release Notes

31 Mar

2.0 was certainly a tough act to follow. We released a number of key features including our
new policy management portal, an artificial intelligence-based controls assessment and made
great strides in reporting, including a new risk visualisation tool, and admin configurable
dashboards. 2.1 is a worthy successor, introducing some new key features and ensuring that
great strides have been made in our already industry-leading platform configuration.

The new features in 2.1 includes a new ‘master grid’ that enables admin users to dynamically
access any data from any database table in the entire platform and a new radar chart to further
enhance our reporting capability.

This release also reflects a number of updates based on conversations with clients and
partners. Feedback centered around the grid based bulk updater (and it not being as intuitive
as the rest of the platform) has been addressed in a new updated version that is automatically
available as part of the upgrade. The performance issues noticed in sites where end users
attempted to export thousands of rows into a PDF file has also been addressed by limiting PDF
files to less than 200 rows.

The most exciting addition in this release though, is our new site builder. The flexibility of our
platform has always been one of the key pillars of our success, and our site builder looks to
provide this configurability in a wizard-based format, and one that uses intelligent defaults to
create new sites even more quickly than we can today. This is a real step change – and
something we are looking forward to extending during the remainder of 2023.

As always, if you have any questions, would like to submit ideas for future releases, or just
want to provide feedback, please do get in touch.