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Rail Franchise Manager


The CoreStream Rail Franchise Manager is a solution specifically aimed at helping rail companies manage their ‘obligation compliance’ for each franchise. The solution utilises the rail period calendar (13 periods in the year) rather than the traditional calendar which is in line with the requirements of the franchise agreements.

Obligations are uploaded into the system and then tracked and managed within our platform. The aim is to reduce the burden – specifically the administrative overhead – of managing franchise compliance but also to provide an integrated experience with other operational processes (such as tracking correspondence and regulator discussions) and provide useful insights into this data.

The main features of the solution include:

  • The ability to load in obligations and rely on the system to generate tasks (and task reminders) at points at which obligation tasks need completing.
  • A range of task creation frequencies including:
    • X days after a franchise commencement date.
    • X days after period end.
    • Every 3 periods.
    • On a specified date.
    • On a series of specified dates.
    • Annually.
  • Feature rich, real-time reporting on obligations and associated task data.
  • The option to link associated correspondence and documentation to obligations and obligation tasks – including the ability to email correspondence directly into the system.
  • Ability to track conversations (and approve communication) with regulators to ensure a more consistent, accurate and controlled message.
  • Option to integrate with other CoreStream modules such as Risk and Policy management.

In addition to the Rail Franchise Manager, an additional ‘Obligation Manager’ has also been developed that uses the traditional (non-rail) calendar to create tasks.