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Digital Governance Portal


It’s no secret that transacting business and marketing on digital platforms is crucial to your business. It’s how your customers expect to interact with you. Websites, mobile applications and social media platforms provide more options for sourcing, trading, and retaining customers than ever before.

With the benefits these new channels have brought, so too have the associated risks. As technologies advance and the lead-times for establishing new digital assets reduces, the variety and depth of content that can be published is increasing and the potential for issues has naturally increased.

  • How is your customers’ data being handled and is your own data being adequately protected?
  • Are you compliant with local regulations?
  • Is your brand being consistently represented?
  • Are your Digital Assets publishing or linking to inappropriate content?

With a continually evolving digital footprint, questions arise not only around the risks they pose, but also the commercial value of your investments:

  • Is your investment in digital assets being channeled to the right places?
  • Are all assets delivering the required ROI?
  • Is the digital asset portfolio consistently aligned with your overall strategic objectives?

The Digital Governance Portal is a joint initiative combining the depth of experience of Deloitte, powered by CoreStream technology to provide the tools to not only control your Digital Risks, but to enable you to maximise commercial value from your asset portfolio.

Key features include:

  • A centralised view of your asset portfolio, with automated crawler technology to discover assets that may not even be logged centrally.
  • Registration of new assets via intelligent forms designed to guide asset owners through the applicable policy and compliance directives.
  • A straight forward but effective asset approval workflow to provide ‘4 eyes’ validation, driving accuracy and quality in the asset register.
  • An integrated suite of Policy, Risk and Compliance management features from CoreStream’s GRC platform components, including a policy and controls library with targeted dissemination and readership tracking.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.