Our Services


We offer functional and non-functional testing services, including:

  • TestingSystem Testing: end-to-end system testing to evaluate the system’s compliance with client-specified requirements.
  • System Integration Testing: testing software system components and their coexistence with other systems.
  • Functional and User Acceptance Testing: we have skilled resources with technical and functional knowledge to conduct functional and User Acceptance Testing, to help detect bugs.
  • Interface Testing: no system is similar in technology to others, therefore the use of interfaces become unavoidable. We offer interface testing either as part of System Testing or as a separate service.
  • Regression Testing: we offer both manual and automated regression tests.
  • Performance Testing: focuses on ensuring compliance of a system with specified performance requirements.
  • Load Testing: looks at system behaviour under normal and peak load conditions to see how it performs against performance objectives such as response times.
  • Stress testing: looks at system behaviours when it is pushed beyond peak load conditions.