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Policy Manager

CoreStream® Policy Manager provides a flexible environment for implementing a robust policy management discipline in your organisation, providing full control over data privacy, detailed audit trails and user-friendly dashboards. The Policy Manager Service forms part of our integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) SaaS suite but is also available as a standalone module.

Policy Manager is a highly configurable offering, providing the capability to manage policies in any industry setting, for both internal and regulatory driven policies. Its aim is to bring structure and efficiency to policy management, ensuring stakeholders have access to the information that is relevant to their day jobs.


Policy Manager dashboard


In providing this structure, Policy Manager can deliver on its ultimate objective – to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of policy management – whilst providing visibility of this performance to management or regulators through detailed MI reporting.

The scope of supported policy types is effectively unlimited. Some examples include: Anti-bribery and Corruption, Information Security, Data Protection, Internal HR policies and Mandatory Business Operating Procedures.