Information Asset Management

How we can help

CoreStream’s Information Asset Register software provides organisations with an online Information Asset Register to manage the end to end asset life cycle. It enables organisations to identify, understand and manage their information assets and flows, as well as any associated risks, breaches and actions.


  • An online Information Asset Register to create and manage assets.
  • Ability to create and link information flows, risks, breaches and actions to information assets.
  • Data flow mapping.
  • Workflow to manage the approval and review of assets.
  • Automated asset risk level based on asset and flow characteristics.
  • GDPR Role Declarations, DPIA’s and Subject Access Requests.
  • Real time reporting dashboards.


  • Time and efficiency savings through the centralised management and reporting of information assets.
  • Supports organisations with their alignment to the GDPR principles.
  • Reduces the risk of fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
  • Reduces the ongoing costs from bringing manual processes online.