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Information Asset Manager

The latest addition to the CoreStream® Platform is Information Asset Manager, our Information Asset Management (IAM) system developed for NHS England and now available to other clients (either as part of our integrated GRC offering, or as a standalone product).

The software is user friendly and the ease of use for Administrators also takes the stress out of manoeuvring through a spreadsheet. This software is definitely an asset to all Information Assets Administrators.

Charmaine Cleaver, Information Governance Lead, NHS England

Our Information Asset Management (IAM) software is intended to support organisations in documenting their information assets, managing them throughout their respective lifecycles and automating the identification of key risk areas. In this regard, it helps organisations satisfy the operational elements of the Information Governance Toolkit but can also utilise our Policy and Control Manager components to provide a comprehensive Information Governance solution.


The tool has given us the opportunity to streamline different aspects of our information risk management strategy. Half the battle is cultural change but the tool is very user-friendly and the in- built email reminders will help keep the momentum going. Absolutely fantastic!

Tania Palmariello, Regional Information Governance Lead , NHS England


Please download our Healthcare Information Asset Management fact sheet and our Standard Information Asset Management fact sheet.