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Information Asset Manager

“The software is user friendly and the ease of use for Administrators also takes the stress out of manoeuvring through a spreadsheet. This software is definitely an asset to all Information Assets Administrators.”

Charmaine Cleaver, Information Governance Lead, NHS England

About CoreStream Information Asset Manager

It is important to know and fully understand what information you hold in order to protect it and be able to exploit its potential. Furthermore, auditing your data can help ensure you are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). An important way of getting on top of GDPR is to know what personal data you hold and how your organisation (and any third parties) are processing that information.

CoreStream Information Asset Manager (IAM) provides organisations with an online Information Asset Register to manage the end to end asset life cycle. It enables organisations to identify, understand and manage their information assets and flows, as well as any associated risks, breaches and actions.


CoreStream’s Information Asset Register software contains the following features:

  • An online Information Asset Register to create and manage new assets, edit existing ones and view all associated content in one view.
  • Ability to create and link data flows at the asset, data field and data classification level.
  • Data flow mapping capability.
  • Complex workflows to manage the approval of changes and the automation of the asset review cycle.
  • Automated asset risk level based on asset and information flow characteristics and linked risks.
  • Email alerts to notify users when an action is due.
  • Ability to capture GDPR roles, responsibilities and declarations.
  • Ability to complete and manage Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s) within the system.
  • Ability to raise Subject Access Requests and track any resulting actions through to completion.
  • Functionality to record and manage GDPR information breaches within the system, including prompts to report information breaches to the ICO.
  • Administration feature to enable organisations to manage their Organisation Hierarchy, Systems List, Data Classification scheme and system user accounts.
  • Real time reporting dashboards to identify and drill down into assets (and associated content) that require attention.


The key benefits of CoreStream’s Information Asset Management software are:

  • Time and efficiency savings through the centralised management and reporting of information assets, information flows and associated content.
  • Real-time tiered reporting, resulting in an improved line of sight across the Information Governance function.
  • Consistent GDPR data classification scheme, to enable targeted reporting on information assets according to GDPR classification.
  • Reduced administrative burden on the Information Governance Team, enabling them to focus on value added activity.
  • Reduction of ongoing costs from bringing manual processes (e.g. Subject Access Requests) online.


“The tool has given us the opportunity to streamline different aspects of our information risk management strategy. Half the battle is cultural change but the tool is very user-friendly and the in- built email reminders will help keep the momentum going. Absolutely fantastic!”

Tania Palmariello, Regional Information Governance Lead , NHS England