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Audit Action Manager

Whether performed internally or by an external organisation, the key to ensuring that audits return value for an organisation, is in ensuring that findings are turned into real actions to drive the change that is required. In many situations, auditors or external regulating entities may insist on seeing proof that actions are being carried out, including interim status updates, and may even require proof that a structured approach to action management is in place.

Aged ActionsAged actions
Audit Action Update FormAudit Action Update FormSuch is the complexity of today’s regulatory environment, that the number of audits, and therefore the actions stemming from them, is continually on the increase.


CoreStream Audit Action Manager is a flexible technology platform for managing these actions, and crucially, making the task of action owners providing updates as straight forward as possible – reducing the administrative burden on your audit function and providing real-time insights into the status of your audit findings and actions.
Furthermore, a centralised register of actions drives the possibility for real-time insights into the progress of action resolution across your business without error-prone manual data manipulation and reporting.


Audit Action Deadline ChartAudit Action Deadline ChartAudit Action Manager benefits from CoreStream platform’s native features which provide full control over data privacy, whilst enabling targeted dissemination of action content.

CoreStream Audit Action Manager is a fully featured product ‘out of the box’, whilst remaining highly customisable, providing the capability to adapt to a variety of audit environments and in any industry setting.