Case Studies

NHS England

The Challenge

NHS England was searching for a technology solution to help them manage the requirements of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (formerly known as the IG Toolkit).

They required a solution that could be used across multiple locations, teams and include over 2000 assets.

The Solution

  • An online Information Asset Register to create and manage new assets, edit existing ones and view all associated content in one view.
  • Automated asset risk level based on asset and information flow characteristics and linked risks.
  • Data flow mapping capability.
  • Real time reporting dashboards to identify and drill down into assets (and associated content) that require attention.

The Outcome

  • Time and efficiency savings through the centralised management and reporting of information assets, information flows and associated content.
  • Improved line of sight across the Information Governance function.
  • Reduction of ongoing costs from bringing manual processes online.
  • Reduced time taken to respond to the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

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The software is user friendly and the ease of use for Administrators also takes the stress out of manoeuvring through a spreadsheet. This software is definitely an asset to all Information Assets Administrators.

-Charmaine Cleaver,

Former Information Governance Lead, NHS England