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The Challenge

CoreStream has been responsible for the functional design of the BBC Interactivity Management Solution, and as part of a competitive procurement process has since been selected as the supplier responsible for supporting and enhancing the technology moving forward.

The Solution

The BBC Interactivity Management Solution (IMS) is used to approve all forms of interactivity, such as votes, competitions and awards, promoted by BBC programmes on TV, Radio and Online. The approval workflow then generates a compliance checklist tailored to each specific event, helping to ensure that the BBC operate these services in a way that is compliant with the OFCOM and PhonepayPlus regulation.

Interactivity Management at the BBC involves a significant number of processes to allow for the variations across channels and the different types of interactions employed. When initially moving this from manual processing to an automated solution, CoreStream was able to use its extensive consulting experience to translate existing manual processes to an automated workflow. At this point in time, delivering the right solution was not about technology, but about a consultative approach that revealed how to create and deliver the optimum solution. This ability to truly understand the BBC, their technical requirements and their culture in order to deliver solutions that fit, has been fundamental to CoreStream’s ongoing relationship with the BBC.

The Outcome

The BBC IMS has now been in operation for over five years, resulting in zero compliance breaches during this time. Key to this success is the intuitive nature of the platform which has meant that it now takes minutes rather than hours to complete approval forms. This huge time saving has been acknowledged at all levels across the BBC including compliance teams, production staff and those at the most senior levels of the organisation.

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The BBC and its Partners have awarded contracts to CoreStream through competitive procurement processes. I have recommended CoreStream repeatedly as the company provides reliable, robust, intuitive software which has met the BBC information security, data and risk controls. It’s not just the software I am buying but access to a team that understands both technical requirements and the client culture, and combines this with a bespoke, attentive, professional service at a competitive market rate. As a client I feel that our needs are understood, met, reviewed and supported in a timely manner. I have worked with CoreStream on a number of small, medium and scalable projects and from concept to delivery it has been a good experience. In my role at the BBC, audience trust is imperative and the systems we use to deliver and comply audience engagement is of paramount importance. CoreStream has been central to us securing and retaining audience trust and the business partnership we share is first class.

-Claire McLaughlin,

BBC Head of Interactive Technology, BBC